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Villa Bordoni

  The Garden Conservancy has called my work “stunning”!

Lensi Designs Photography was founded to address a basic challenge that many businesses face which is how to build brand awareness and expand while incorporating professional photography to entice clients through social media, marketing and/or merchandising.

Tourism photography: I work with clients to promote their locations to entice more visitors thru inspiring photography while capturing the magic of a location. That is my passion!

Are you looking for photography to market your location? Let’s collaborate! I aim to capture a location as any tourist would experience it.   They will get what they see… and more!!!!!  Let’s capture the big picture and the small details that make a location special.

Photography is about telling powerful stories that help create an awareness of the world around us. A travel photo should establish a connection to a place that is tangible so others can see, feel and desire to truly experience its magic. My goal is to tell the story of your location or service.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at: robin@lensidesigns.com