Oriental Bittersweet has become established as this vine is highly attractive as an ornamental.  The fruits continue to be sold for dried flower arrangements and are frequently disposed on compost or brush piles where birds and small animals can spread the seeds.  Why is this important you ask?

Oriental Bittersweet is invasive in many areas of the country.  It is a rapidly spreading deciduous, twining vine with clusters of bright orange pods.  This vine can smother plants and can strangle shrubs and small trees and weaken mature trees making them more susceptible to damage. (IPSAWG)

It is advisable not to buy, sell or plant Oriental Bittersweet so you can help to eradicate this plant.  It can be pulled out by the root and then removed from the site. Sadly Oriental Bittersweet can be mislabeled as American Bittersweet which is native and non-invasive.

When choosing any plants for your property ask for non-invasive species.