Project Description

about me

I founded Lensi Designs Photography to address a basic challenge that many businesses face which includes expanding brand awareness while incorporating professional photography to entice clients through social media, marketing and/or merchandising.

As a designer and photographer, I am continually creating stories that capture the details that make a location special and unique.

I love to travel, explore and learn about other cultures and through my “LENSI lens” I hope to inspire people with the beauty of a world they might have never known existed.

I believe that photography is about telling powerful stories. It helps create an awareness of the world around us.

A picture tells a thousand words, and photographs evoke the words.

When I first went to Italy, I was almost overwhelmed by the beauty of the country. Not just the mind-blowing scenery, but also the feeling you find there.

When the Italians speak about La Dolce Vita what do they mean? To most people, it literally translates to “The Sweet Life.” However, it really is more than that. I am in search of La Dolce Vita; wherever I travel.

I believe it is possible to find La Dolce Vita in other places, not just in Italy. I have dedicated my photography to capturing all the moments and details that make a destination desirable.

How do tourists find a destination to put on their “I HAVE TO GO THERE!” to do list? Does the magic of what is being offered jump off the screen or page?

I want to find that feeling everywhere I travel and share it with your audience and mine.

I look forward to working together as we highlight why tourists should experience your location, encourage responsible travel and find new ways to appreciate our world.