BOSTON STRONG – “on the waterfront”

I had the pleasure of going to Boston this week on what was arguably one of the most gorgeous days of the year!  I thought I would share my walking tour of the Downtown waterfront with you.




There is a fabulous new art sculpture you will see hanging in town suspended from buildings.



If you have children the Boston Children’s Museum is great fun and I have fond memories from taking my older son there when he was little.


The Milk bottle at The Boston Children’s Museum

The buildings, the water, the street sculptures, the birds were all glistening.

Duck feathers

The Japanese Crabapples were exploding with color and the city has woken up from there 100+ inches of snow from the winter that just didn’t want to end.





This is a fun city if you have never been.  I am by no means a Boston expert but what a fun walking tour I experienced.  So come on with me and experience a beautiful day – Boston Strong!


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