If you are like me and love these beautiful plants you will want to save them till next year. After blooming the bulb needs to rebuild itself. Cut off the flower stalks about 3-5″ above the bulb. Do not cut off the foliage. Keep the plant in a sunny location and water when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. After all frost had passed I moved mine into the garden and sunk the entire pot into the ground for the summer. In the fall after the frost blackened the leaves I cut them off and brought the plants into the cool basement in the dark for about 8-10 weeks. I then repotted them with new soil and gave it a bit of warm water and put them on the window sill hoping they had survived. YEAH! Finally after many weeks they are just peaking thru. Now you start watering when dry. I have them on my west facing kitchen window sill. I will keep you updated with pictures as they develop. Fingers crossed they will be just as beautiful as last year!

Amaryllis are certainly worth waiting for.  With a little care these beauties will brighten your entire winter!

Tip for next season: Order in the fall for blooms by Ground Hog Day.  Amaryllis make great gifts.  Enjoy!