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Thru my “lens” the world in all its beauty! Inspiring people with the beauty of an amazing world. Expand brand awareness thru professional photography to entice clients through social  media, marketing and/or merchandising.

Photography is about telling powerful stories that help create an awareness of the world around us. A picture tells a thousand words and photos evoke the words. That includes our experiences too! A photo should establish a connection to a place that is tangible so others can see and feel and desire to truly experience its magic. My goal is to tell the story of a location or a service.

Please feel free to contact me with Any Questions at robin@lensidesigns.com

9 thoughts on “lensi designs Photography

  1. Robin joined my group to Southern Italy and her presence was such a welcome addition to the experience. She captured our adventures beautifully and my clients were able to have a souvenir like no other. For me the most valuable aspect was that I knew I would have photographs of exceptional quality and artistry to document the experience without having to try and take pictures throughout the trip. I was able to focus on my clients and give them the attention they deserve. And now I have a whole collection of fantastic images to use on my website and on social media. Robin’s participation continues to pay dividends even a year after the trip (and beyond!) Grazie mille Robin!

    1. The pleasure was all mine! Your attention to detail made taking the photos simple for me as all the details of the trip were being managed by you. The group of women were fabulous and fun to travel with and I’m am so glad they loved their photo albums!

  2. Robin did an amazing job capturing my garden with her camera. Her sense of lighting and her ability to find the perfect angle to set off different textures and shapes is truly a gift. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her for a photography project as I know she is both highly skilled and highly professional. When Robin is photographing, it’s almost as if she is one with her camera, cataloging each potential image with alacrity and speed, and capturing exquisite scenes that the average person fails to notice. Her work is wonderful!

    Kim Krodel

  3. Roger DiTarando
    Relationship: Client
    Project Date: June 2016
    Project Price: $1,000 – $9,999
    “Looking for a photographer to photograph my sculpture and birdbaths”.

    Dilemma: not knowing where to find a photographer, not knowing quite what I wanted, entrusting someone with my life’s work needless to say it was a perplexing task.
    What I found in Robin “Lensi Designs Photography ”was someone who understood my product, understood my client’s interests and desires, knew best of how to present my sculptures in environments – settings that were fresh, exciting and would work beautifully in their homes and gardens.
    Not to mention the enthusiasm, professionalism, prompt – timely delivery, Robin fulfilled her tasks over and above our agreement…

    I look forward to working with Robin again.
    Roger DiTarando
    Review from Houzz

  4. A2 Land Consulting, LLC
    Relationship: Client
    Project Date: May 2017
    Project Price: $1,000 – $9,999
    I highly recommend Lensi Designs for your next photo shoot. Robin was very professional. She took the time to go the extra mile and stage for me since I was busy. The photos are beautiful.
    A review from Houzz

  5. Sandra Yancey
    Relationship: Client
    Project Date: June 2016
    I love Robin Lensi’s work! She artfully captured two dandelions in different stages of development. The colors are vibrant and the details make you feel like they’re real! I hung them in my guest bedroom over the bed. It’s a joy to showcase them to my favorite houseguests!
    Comment from lensi designs photography
    Thanks Sandra! As the CEO and Founder of eWomen Network it was an honor to create the custom pieces you requested for the spare bedroom in your home your mother used. I know there was great significance to you for the dandelions. Enjoy and I look forward to working with you again!
    A review from Houzz

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