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Positano ITALY

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New year’s resolution… travel more! If it’s a resolution we have to do it, right? 😉 We’ll meet you guys in Positano! 📸 by @lensidesigns

October 2018 An Instagram Follower wrote: “I just had a look at your photos. Your … composition is great! Just wanted to say 😉✌”

Another comment on a shot from Milan: “One of the best photos☺..”

Another Milan shot garnered this comment: “Amazing shot” and a moment from the Italian Grand Prix: “This is an incredible capture😉”

July 5, 2018: Featured on Houzz: EASY-CARE SEA OF FLOWERS: The 10 Most Beautiful Magnificent Shrubs

March 2018: Featured on Houzz: The 12 Most Beautiful Spring Bloomers – Hurray, It Will Be Colorful Again!


February 2018:  Featured on Houzz:  Plant of the month: Tulip on the windowsill by March 8  (by Elena Veselova)

Landscape photography landscape


January 2018:

Congratulations! I’m thrilled to share this exciting news with you.  You’ve been named to our “Top Houzz Pages for Landscape Design Inspiration” list. We created this list based on category innovation, past project examples, high-res images, client reviews, and more. Congrats again!


Lensi Designs Photography has been accepted as a photographer for exhibition at Gallery on The Green in Canton, CT

“The Garden Conservancy” has called Robin Lensi’s photography “stunning”!

Robin Lensi of Lensi Designs Photography is uniquely qualified to photograph architecture; landscaping projects and the travel experiences.

She has been an Interior Designer since 1988, twice salesperson of the year for an International Corporation, has a Certificate in Horticulture & Garden Design in addition to being a Photographer, traveler and Blogger creating and collaborating with clients through her “Lensi” lens

She collaborates with travel industry professionals to promote their business on social media, their locations, special experiences (retreats and workshops) capturing the moments their clients want to remember so they can fully immerse themselves in their experiences.

She helps companies stand out from the competition!

Featured on Houzz:

6 garden ideas that will make you happy in October

Photo: Edgartown, MA Rose Hips
Do you love Autumn? Here are some blogs you might enjoy: Handy Tips for Autumn Clean up; Road Tripping in CT; In Search of Fall Foliage in Vermont; Elizabeth Park, Hartford CT; Buttonwood Farm – Sunflowers for Wishes; Spectacular Fall Blooms

Rose Hips

Featured on Houzz:

Climbing aids and scaffolding for climbing plants in the garden

Photo: Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello IT   

Read about the Amalfi Coast over on the Blog: Read about Ravello and Amalfi

Hotel Caruso-1
Hotel Caruso, Ravello Italy

Featured on Houzz:

Trending Now: Multilevel Gardens That Look Like 3D

Photo: Villa Rufulo Ravello IT  Read about Ravello and its Gardens: Come Fly with me to Ravello and Amalfi (Part 4 of 5)

Villa Rufulo-1

Featured on Houzz:

10 unknown (yet fabulous) uses of potatoes

Photo: Hollister House

Hollister House, Washington CT

Featured on Houzz:

7 garden ideas that will make you happy in April

Photo:  Lyman Conservatory, Smith College, Amherst, MA-  Muscari

Read more about Spring trees on the blog: Spring Fling – a Tour around the NY Botanical Garden or on the  blog: Can You Feel it? Spring is Coming! 


Featured on Houzz:

Hummingbirds and Butterflies Will Love You for Planting This

Photo: Bee Balm Monarda Raspberry Wine

Featured on Houzz: 2 photos below

7 garden ideas that will make you happy in March

The White Garden-1.jpg
The White Garden, Salem, NY

Featured on Houzz:

Ends in water: Decorative plants for pond decoration

Photo: Blithewold, RI

Blithewold, RI

Featured on Houzz:

The Best Trees to Plant for Spring Interest

Photo: NYBG Prunus ‘Accolade’ Flowering Cherry

Read more about Spring trees on the blog: Spring Fling – a Tour around the NY Botanical Garden or on the  blog: Can You Feel it? Spring is Coming! 

Spring Fling-4
Prunus ‘Accolade’ Flowering Cherry

Featured on Houzz:

Warm spring is almost there! Yellow flowers telling early spring

Photo: NYBG Daffodil Walk

Read about NYBG  Spring Fling on the blog

Spring Fling-45
Daffodil Hill

Featured on Houzz:

7 garden ideas that will make you happy in February

Featured on Houzz:

Valentine’s Day: A Glance at Flowers and Foliage in the Heart

Bleeding Hearts – Dicentra spectabilis
A fun project I photographed shows how dramatic before and after photos can be when showcasing your talents to future clients.

Hoffman Landscapes, Inc-2

Follow the link to their website to see the Hoffman Landscapes case study.

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