Villa Cimbrone Gardens in Ravello Italy

"The most beautiful sight that I have ever seen in the world is the panoramic view from Villa Cimbrone on a bright winter's day, when the sky and the sea are so vividly blue that it is not possible to distinguish them from each other" As told to an American Magazine by Gore Vidal As an avid gardener and designer myself, I think I was

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Open your Mind through Travel

How we approach life is often through a one way glass.  Most of us live very insulated lives and don't really understand what others are experiencing as showcased these past few weeks. Travel allows us to open our minds, to change our mindset and our view of what is really happening in our world and to the people in it. It opens our eyes to

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Welcome to the Amalfi Coast & Sorrento

Welcome to the Amalfi Coast! After leaving Naples you head south to the land of lemons! Sorrento is known as one of the world's most charming and romantic old towns with its many cafes, shops and historic sites. It is located in southern Italy about an hour south of Naples, wedged on a ledge and separates the Gulf of Naples from the Gulf of Salerno.

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