Whose up for a wine tour or Bungy jumping?

Where can you find La Dolce Vita? The Sweet Life can be found wherever you are in my  opinion, not just in Italy.  Recently I had an amazing chance to travel to New Zealand and wow they really live The Sweet Life there! The area around Queenstown, New Zealand is surrounded by soaring snow capped mountains, glacier lakes and fiords but there is so much

Whose up for a wine tour or Bungy jumping?2020-01-16T20:30:31-05:00

In search of La Dolce Vita! Anywhere :)

How do you decide on a new travel destination to put on your "I HAVE TO GO THERE" list? Is it a city, a beach, a mountain resort, a luxury accommodation? Do you want to ski, hike, cook, camp, race. sail, or spa? What are your criteria when selecting that next trip? Queenstown, NZ Onsen Hot Pools I love travel, exploring and learning

In search of La Dolce Vita! Anywhere :)2020-01-17T14:29:57-05:00

Mouth-watering Figs!

Figs love the Mediterranean climate in Italy. You can find these yummy fruits in family gardens all over Italy ripening from September - October. Depending on the variety they are available from summer thru fall. They date back all the way to ancient times. They are even mentioned in the Bible. In ancient Rome, the fig was deemed sacred and it was thought to be

Mouth-watering Figs!2020-01-17T15:11:26-05:00
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