SPRING FLING – a tour around the NY Botanical Garden

An explosion of perfume was in the air on Saturday at the NY Botanical Gardens!  The sights and smells were overload to this devoted gardener.  Even my husband was ooohing and aaahing!  The Cherry trees, Magnolias, Spireas and of course all those gorgeous bulbs and spring flowering perennials combined with the fabulous 80 degrees made for a spectacular adventure.  If you are looking for inspiration

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What is your WHY?

The Wind Beneath my Wings! My Mom was always and still is my inspiration. When I asked her once "who do you most admire"?  She said: "You! for having the courage to do the things I did not or had not."  I, of course, said her.  She was and still is my hero everyday of my life. I still miss her terribly, of course, even though

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