Churches of Verona

Duomo Di Verona is the city's cathedral and can easily be reached from the Ponte Pietra. It was constructed on the remains of two earlier churches that were destroyed in the earthquake of 1117. An absolutely beautiful church in the historic medieval center. The Basilica has striped brick and stone walls not unlike other churches I have seen throughout Italy. Verona's Cathedral Basilica

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Romeo, Romeo, where fore art thou – in Verona?

You know how the story goes.... those unforgettable words spoken by Juliet from that famous balcony supposedly in Verona- not really! Very touristy spot! I skipped Casa di Giulietta. There were however two real feuding families in Verona called the Capuleti's and the Montecchi's.ย  Juliet never lived in the 1300's Gothic style house so popular with tourists in Verona.ย  Instead to show their love the

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