The World Down Under – Wanaka, NZ

Kia Ora as the Kiwi's say! One of the best times I had in New Zealand, last October, springtime in NZ, was my time doing photography in scenic Wanaka. Okay, I did get to photograph "That Wanaka Tree" at sunrise but I also went with a fellow photographer to catch the sunrise high in the hills on a ranch in Wanaka in proximity to the

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Garden Ornaments and its finally time to get out in the Garden!

Art in the Garden is certainly not a new idea.  It provides a practical purpose as a place for the eye to rest or be drawn to. It can be artsy, a container, a sculpture, a spiritual figure, an arbor, water feature or any type of vessel.  It provides structural definition and architecture to the garden.  It creates geometry. Hummingbird birdbath This can

Garden Ornaments and its finally time to get out in the Garden!2020-01-01T13:13:56-05:00

Trade Secrets 2017 – Coltsfoot Garden

One of the private gardens open this year for Trade Secrets was Coltsfoot Garden in Cornwall, CT.  This is an enchanting cottage garden that along with the colonial home has been in this family for almost 100 years.  Upon arrival you are immediately dawn in by the multi-colored lilac trees surrounding the garden, the crabapple trees and the surrounding landscape.  This is Litchfield county CT

Trade Secrets 2017 – Coltsfoot Garden2020-01-01T15:45:31-05:00
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