Wynwood Walls ….

More from Wynwood Walls in Miami, FL  Did you miss last week's blog on the history of Wynwood and Urban Graffiti Art in Miami, Florida?  Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum with large painted pop art by famous street artists.  The theme of the new Goldman Global Arts Gallery exhibit this year is “humanKIND.” The hope was this would inspire works of empathy and compassion.

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Urban Graffiti Art in Miami, Florida

I was thrilled to visit the Wynwood Walls Art installation again this year while visiting my son in Miami.  Any lover of street art should make it a point to visit Wynwood!  This area of Miami is known for its colorful wall murals and is a very up and coming district that is renovating itself and morphing into a very happening space. Wynwood Walls is

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Wynwood Miami

Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami, FL that recently has attracted a lot of attention and for good reason!   It has become a mecca for art, restaurants, bars, breweries and high end shopping. Rust Wynwood This neighborhood dates back to 1917.  Happy 100th birthday this year! This was originally farmland developed by Miami's first real estate agent EA Waddell before being sold

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