More from Wynwood Walls in Miami, FL  Did you miss last week’s blog on the history of Wynwood and Urban Graffiti Art in Miami, Florida?  Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum with large painted pop art by famous street artists.  The theme of the new Goldman Global Arts Gallery exhibit this year is “humanKIND.” The hope was this would inspire works of empathy and compassion. This exhibit brought together 29 of the foremost street artists from a dozen different countries. Twelve of the new artists also showed works during Miami Art Week 2017.

The truth

Peter Tunney

Here are more pieces from very talented artists!

Lady Pink’s wall mural as part of the 2017 Art Basal Collection at Wynwood. Lady Pink (Sandra Fabara) loves historical romances from England, the Victorian period and the aristocracy. She uses themes of NYC subway trains and POP surrealist cityscapes.

Lady Pink

Lady Pink

This looks like old man and the sea to me 🙂 At Wynwood exterior walls are giant canvases for these street artists to create their amazing works of art.

Beau Stanton

Beau Stanton

Who remembers the Polaroid?  They are making a comeback!

Camera Leon Keer

Camera by Leon Keer (Holland) known for 3D street paintings

I loved the walls painted all over the Wynwood area outside the exhibit itself.  Here over by Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

Wall Flowers Wynwood Kitchen

PRO176 from France – Purplextravaganza- Acrylic and aerosol on canvas

Purple Extravaganza

David Choe

David Choe

In 6 years, Wynwood Walls has ignited one of the largest art movements in history by elevating street art now widely respected by art enthusiasts worldwide and changed the way we interact with art.

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Want more Wynwood?  Here is a link to my trip to last year’s exhibits.