How do you see your future?

If you had asked me this question in the past my answer would have been vastly different than it is today.  Life is funny in that the twists and turns bring us to our destiny.  I always talked about being a photographer but never saw myself being here.  Today I can imagine nothing but being a photographer!  I see every moment of my life as I would like to capture it through my lens.  Life had different plans for me and my life has led me to be where I always dreamed I could be.  If life had moved differently I might not be here but this time I faced my fears and I am living my dreams! I will show up each and every time!  I will not let myself down.  This is for me!!

Where will your inspiration come from? It could be from anywhere or anything.  It could be from a negative experience that taught you a precious lesson or an unexpected friendship, a moment, a breeze, a rainbow, a bird or a butterfly. Anything that moves you to action and touches your soul. Your inspiration might come from the laughter of a grandchild or the dying request of a parent.  When my Mom was dying she asked me to “take care of my father”.  Of course, I didn’t hesitate and told her I would.  I kept that promise till the day he died 4 years later.  He would be so proud that I never stopped reaching for all I wanted.  I stayed true to myself.  I went back to school again for a Certificate in Garden Design and Horticulture.  Little did I know when I started that this would be my path to photography.  I have always been a gardener and loved photographing my gardens.


Nepeta at the garden of Linda Allard

My background in gardening and interior design have made me uniquely qualified to photograph gardens. Design makes you understand proportion, color, composition and balance.  All the essentials of a great photograph. My life experiences have helped me to see the garden and the landscape in ways that enhance my interactions with it.

Ansel Adams said: there are always 2 people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.  He also said you don’t take a photograph- you MAKE it!”

Take a minute and ask yourself – how do you preserve your memories?

I capture Memories!

I MAKE Photographs!

I help garden designers who are awesome at creating inspiring gardens for their clients but neglect to capture their work in photographs and I help them record their completed projects which showcase the seasonal interest of the garden design from creation to maturity so their images can get them more exposure, more opportunities and more revenue.


I would like you to think about 3 things:

  1. How are you impacting your clients? Are you limiting your business by not preserving your designs? Did you provide something even your client didn’t realize they needed that improved their lives?
  2. Do you have clear images for one on one presentations? What challenges and adversities did your design solve?
  3. Creative people are not always business minded people. I can help you enhance your market presence. Don’t limit yourself! Promote yourself! Go all in!!!!!

I can only begin to imagine where my photography will take me:


I hope it takes me back to Positano, IT


OR Back to Ravello, IT

Gay Head


Just next door! What doors will photography open?


This is how I will be remembered:   I will be remembered as a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister, a very good friend, my mother’s advocate, a caregiver, a “do-gooder” a good listener, a doer, a good neighbor,  a runner, a skier, a gardener, a motivator, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with and last but not least, as a photographer!  I am a PHOTOGRAPHER! I see the landscape through different eyes than others do.  Let me capture that awesomeness that nature gives us:  for you.

I hope you will come to my website: and explore the possibilities.  I look forward to talking with you and preserving your memories!