Well this should have been a totally different story but is now a story on how to survive 3 days in Venice with no luggage! My dream trip didn’t start out so dreamy! Sound familiar? First delays out of JFK caused us to miss our connecting flight to Venice and it just went downhill from there. Needless to say the prospect of spending 2 weeks in Italy with none of my luggage was daunting.

Now I know what you are thinking… How can you complain when there is world class shopping here but, REALLY I was not there for 2-1/2 days to shop!  Eat, drink and sightsee- well yeah! Thankfully there was a Sephora, a drugstore, an H&M, and several other reasonably priced shops where we could pick up basic essentials and some clothes and shoes.  We had no way of knowing if our bags would ever show up and we were in Italy for 2 weeks.  YIKES!! At least I always carry on my camera equipment but come on I had to buy, makeup, clothes, toiletries, undergarments… you get the picture as did my husband! Finally on our last day the airline called to say they had our bags- but… we had to come back to the airport to get them. Like I said- whatever happened to customer service? Our bags should have been on the next flight from London to Venice 3 days earlier but of course they weren’t! How on earth do you misplace two extra large PURPLE suitcases? Go figure!

If you have followed my blog then you know I like to provide some history or insight to the events I cover, the cities I have escaped to or the gardens I visit.  I just returned from 2 weeks in Venice and Tuscany so welcome to Part 1 of my series covering that adventure. There is so much to explore in these areas that I am going to break the cities up so it isn’t so cumbersome to read.  Here is:

Part One: Venice: A trip back in time…

Venice or Venezia as the Italians call it is in the northeastern part of Italy located on the Adriatic Sea and is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Capital of the Veneto region and comprised of 118 small islands connected by bridges and about 25 miles of “canals”. The smaller canals are actually called rivers so there are really only 3 Canals- the Grand Canal, Giudecca and the Cannaregio.

Venice is located in the Venetian Lagoon both of which are World Heritage Sites preventing any changes to the buildings thereon. Sadly, in 1630 a devastating outbreak of the Plague killed one-third of the Venetian people!

Venice Grand Canal revised no watermark-2

The Grand Canal near The Rialto Bridge

Venice Leaning tower

While crossing bridges one glimpses local life all around. Here is the Leaning Tower of San Stefano



Venice side canal

Only way to get around- “man your boat”!

Some basic history: Venice was a major financial, trade and maritime power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and was considered the first real international financial center. They traded in silks, grains, spice and art establishing Venice as a very wealthy city and a leader in both political and economic affairs.

Venice was spared from attack during the Second World War with virtually no architectural damage making it a true walk back in time. The buildings are constructed on closely spaced wooden piles resting on plates of limestone.  The buildings are typically constructed of brick or stone.  The piles rest on a layer of compressed clay.  The alder wood does not decay in the submerged oxygen poor conditions as alder is noted for its water resistance. The city however is often prone to flooding known as high water “aqua alta” following certain tides.


Part Two is some history on the architecture of this fabulous city! Wait till you experience this enchanting historic place.  Around every corner one see little glimpses into local life.  Sadly, many local Venetians have left the island as tourism has grown to ridiculous proportions.

See you next week for Part Two and then on to Tuscany! This trip was a bucket list item for me as I have been planning it for 10 years.