Vicenza is the Italian and world capital of gold jewelry making and I was honored last week to accompany my sister to the VicenzaOro show to watch her work!

VicenzaOro is one of the world’s largest gold jewelry expos.  There are several other jewelry shows throughout the year but this is the largest in Italy. Hundreds of exhibitors and Buyers come from all over the world and represent at least 16 countries.



Vicenza itself has many jewelers in this town alone that are family owned businesses working in gold for many generations. However, there were vendors here from all over the world.

Over 600 years of tradition and technical skills are passed down from generation to generation from Master to Apprentice. The gold chains produced here in Vicenza are works of art.



On display were the latest trends in style and design in the gold and jewelry market and the most innovative technologies. Wow – what an experience! such fun!!!!!