What started out as a lovely weekend getaway in VT led into a crazy freak snow event on Sunday afternoon. Then on Monday a completely different experience at the Smith College Lyman Conservatory Spring Flower Show. In the space of 24 hours I experienced winter and spring and in both cases they were beautiful but you judge for yourself!

Of course, like everyone else even skiers are ready for spring.  The sub-zero temperatures this winter have left us all longing to get out and walk, run, garden and just breathe fresh air.  Our windows need to be opened wide to rejuvenate us. I heard somewhere it was said our journeys and experiences are not for nothing and our ability to overcome challenges is a measure of our strength.  My journey these past few days has led me to capture some glorious images and to experience it fully. Spring is a good time to re-evaluate.  Do some random acts of kindness.  It will make you feel great! Volunteer, donate some clothes you no longer need, just hold the door for someone or get the groceries on the top shelf for someone who can’t reach.  Say thank you! Take care of yourself!

So come on the journey I had this past Sunday and Monday!


The Deerhill Inn, West Dover, VT – We were married here and it is still a lovely country inn and the hospitality is wonderful.


What started as a lovely walk in the woods was not to last long



Some friends along the way


The Valley Trail – once in awhile the sun poked thru and you had to keep walking to see what was around the next corner


Hydrangea blossoms still holding fast and then things changed oh so quickly – then the snow started and boy did it snow!


No special effects here! Just crazy snow!


Of course, I just had to stop the car and take a quick peek onto a woodland path.  Too beautiful to explain.  Took dozens of pictures!


And then just like that on Monday morning it was spring! These crocus were actually up in a bare patch of ground at Smith College.   The Lyman Conservatory Spring Flower show is truly a living Monet painting.  The smell was delirious and a much needed change from this crazy winter. Here are some pictures from the exhibit.  You can see more on my Flickr page or the link through my Facebook page.


Here is proof that spring is truly coming First Crocuses

Blog- Difference a Day makes-7

Wow the smell is amazing!


Zantedeschia aethiopica – White Calla Lily

Well there you have it!  What a difference a day makes.  What will you do with your opportunities today?

“Take care of your memories for you cannot relive them.”  Bob Dylan

What memories would you recreate TODAY if you could?

Photos are our connection to our past but we don’t always know what those connections are. It’s wonderful to look back but we must look forward. What are the photographs you are going to take NOW? This is what being alive is about our opportunities from now on!  What will those photos mean to us and future generations? We must put mindfulness and intention into them. How will your grandchildren and great-grandchildren know you?  Will they see your sense of style and your personality in those photos you leave behind?  Tell your stories through your photographs and not just in the ones you have already taken, but in the photos you have yet to take!