Well this is certainly a hard time for everyone so why are we still talking about traveling during a Pandemic? It’s scary, new and very different from our daily lives. However, travel makes life richer, no matter where you live so for now we will keep talking about travel even if it’s just to a local park for a hike. It’s something to keep us dreaming and planning and lets us look forward to the future. Travel teaches us to accept change and be resilient. It allows us to learn about different cultures and experience unique foods and allows us to grow as individuals.

Glenorchy, NZ-1

I never expected to visit New Zealand until last fall!

It’s okay to feel disappointed about that vacation- be really bummed since this all just sucks! Most of us save and plan for ages for that special trip to celebrate that big birthday, anniversary or life event. My first trip to the Amalfi Coast was planned for my 10th wedding anniversary, but life plays cruel games and for many reasons it didn’t happen. It did however, happen 5 years later.

Capri- boat trip -1

A delayed anniversary trip to Capri

On my first trip to Capri, many years ago I knew exactly what I wanted to experience since I had dreamed it so many times.  My father had recently passed away and I knew I had to fulfill my dream of going to Italy and it changed my life forever. Specifically, the Amalfi Coast!

Capri main street-1

Capri Marina Grande and Main Street

How do you feel when dreams come true? We booked a tour to celebrate our anniversary to tour Capri both by land and sea.  It is really special to see this island from both. You get a completely different perspective when you’re on the water.

We met our guide near the pier then were scooted away up to Monte Solaro in an open air cab up the winding, cliff hugging (oh my god- don’t look down) roads up to Anacapri.  This is the highest peak on Capri at 589 m.  The views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Gulf of Naples and the entire Sorrentine Peninsula are laid our before you.

Capri cab-1

Capri coast-1

Sorrentine peninsula towards Positano

Chair overlooking Anacapri-1

Monte Solaro Chair overlooking Anacapri

After lunch, our boat picked us up and when we rounded the island and I saw the Faraglioni I had seen in photos so many times, I lost it! As we approached the Faraglioni Rocks and began our journey through the rocks I was literally in tears. The culmination of my dreams, the passing of my beloved father and mother, all hit me at once. I was so overcome with joy, and sadness and hope but also of a feeling that I would never get enough of this amazing country. I felt my Dad with me encouraging me to reach for the stars and everything I had always dreamed of.  The moment changed me forever!

Faraglioni sunset-2

Capri – Faraglioni Rocks

Our guide, Giovanna was prepared and surprised us after our swim in the sea with a bottle of champagne to celebrate our anniversary.  More Tears!



Travel connects us to people all over the world even though we are on pause for the moment. Just think how much we’ll value travel and our surroundings when this is over! I started traveling to Italy in 2012 and have been quite obsessed with the life, the culture and traditions, the history and La Dolce Vita. What is it? Is it the way of life, a feeling, the relationships to others? What is it about Italy that keeps us mesmerized? I will keep trying to find that answer you can count on that!


Checking in with people you’ve met all over in your travels can help keep us stay connected at this time. I have met so many lovely people in my travels and they enhance our memories and have become lifelong friends.


So in case you are needing a little diversion from your quarantine I’ll continue to share snapshots from my trips and experiences to Italy, New Zealand, Miami, Martha’s Vineyard and of course right here in the United States and my home State of Connecticut.

Positano from path of the gods-1

The global community is waiting for us to turn a corner so we can travel again.  Everyone is holding their collective breath, but, we all need to stay safe in the meantime.

Wanaka sunrise revised-1

As I was looking back on my many trips over the last several years I realize how many memories and moments I have yet to share with you. So I want to take you virtually on a travel excursion to share more of those special adventures through my photography.

Chez Black clams-1

My lunch almost daily in Italy. Yum, I love it!

I think the purpose of photography is to connect us to the rest of the world.  Our purpose is to share that with others thru the lens and to teach and inspire thru images. The photographer exposes his soul thru his photos and stories. We hope it causes a reaction from our audience to move you, to anger you, to inspire you to action, and sometimes just to tell the stories of life. We use photography to  have a conversation with our audience. Be authentic in your purpose. I hope my images elicit a reaction.


I hope you will follow along as I reminisce. Let’s start with the Island of Capri on the Amalfi Coast. Why stay overnight on Capri vs. just doing a day trip? Just like in other coast towns the magic of these places really becomes apparent when the daytime tourists head back to their home bases.

Capri is a quick boat ride from Naples, Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi sitting out in the Bay of Naples. The famous Faraglioni rocks are visible from almost everywhere.

Faraglioni sunset-2

Capri – Faraglioni Rocks

My love of Italy has blossomed and grown more each year.  It’s magic, La Dolce Vita, gets inside you and takes hold.  I will never want to stop going back to explore, to just be inspired by the way of life, the easy going appreciation of life I find only in Italy.

Stay tuned as I continue sharing my experiences. More from the Amalfi Coast can we found on my blog in a multi-part series that starts with: The Ultimate Guide to the Amalfi Coast