Continuing on our tour of the Amalfi Coast, come fly with me to Amalfi and the hilltown of Ravello.

Amalfi, a truly medieval city has the grandest cathedral anywhere in the Arab-Norman style. The Duomo di Sant’ Andrea with its striped facade in Saracen colors and the Chiostro del Paradiso is spectacular.


In front of the harbor is the Piazza Flavio Gioia in honor of Gioia who is credited with inventing the maritime compass in 1302.

Amalfi Piazza-1


Amalfi Harbor where you can get a boat to Capri or Positano

Don’t miss the little town to the east of Amalfi called Atrani.  It is often said the town looks like an opera set.

And then you come to Ravello, high atop Monte Cereto and my personal favorite!  Unlike any place on earth! I really can’t explain how this quaint little town has stolen my heart and even my husband’s.  We both fell in love with Ravello.

Belmond Hotel Caruso

Belmond Hotel Caruso

Ravello Belmond pool-1

Infinity Edge pool at Belmond Hotel Caruso

One afternoon we walked across the valley to Scala and the views back to Ravello were magical.  Of course, Scala is itself a lovely town.  OOOOHHH so much to explore!

Ravello from Scala

Ravello from Scala

Every evening after exploring around the coast we would hang out after dinner, rain or shine in the Piazza.  I had an espresso or a wine and he indulged nightly I might say in gelato. Love it here. Ravello is the only town on the Amalfi Coast not on the water but high in the hills and the views are commanding to say the least. In another blog I’ll talk about cooking classes in Italy, including here in Ravello.


Ravello Piazza

See the Piazza and the Duomo in the photo below.



You can’t come to Ravello without taking home some ceramics.  Or in my case twice shipping home huge containers!


Oh wait did I mention how many times we ate pizza here overlooking Scala!


Best Pizza in Ravello

Perched 1,500 feet above the bluest bay in the world, the Bay of Salerno it provides the most breathtaking views on the Amalfi coast. This was the view from our room looking down toward Minori and Maori. After a week of looking at this we knew we had to hike down to that beach and of course, get gelato.

Down to Minori-1

Walking down a million steps to Minori

We took a cab back up as did another couple we met staying in Ravello.  Going down is one thing, going up is another!

Minori and Maori revised-1

Ravello is the home to two of the areas most famous medieval gardens, the Villa Rufulo and the Villa Cimbrone.  The crown jewel in Ravello is undoubtedly the Belvedere of Infinity in the Villa Cimbrone.


Villa Cimbrone


Belvedere of Infinity – Villa Cimbrone

This garden is the highest point in Ravello and the views are not to be missed.


Villa Cimbrone is also a Hotel.

Here are some more sights from the Villa Rufulo. They host an amazing Music Festival every summer which we were lucky enough to catch the last few performances.

Ravello Door Villa Rufulo-1




Truly one could go on and on about the Amalfi Coast but it is safe to say it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  If you missed any of the previous parts in this series here is a link to Part One, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5

Ciao and stay tuned for more from the Amalfi Coast and Italy. I have some many photos to share with you 🙂 I hope you will consider following my blog. Enjoy!