So let’s continue our tour of the Amalfi Coast! This time hiking on the Amalfi Coast.

For those so inclined there are plenty of hiking adventures to be had.   We chose the Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods), which winds its way from Agerola for 5 miles to Nocelle and then down to Positano. This is the Amalfi Coast‘s most famous walk. The views are astonishing of both the Mediterranean and the mountains. The Amalfi coast is a World Heritage Site. You will see mules and people, abandoned buildings and remote hillside farms. On any given weekend the people of the Amalfi coast get out and enjoy nature. Many can be seen walking or picnicking on the trail and just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. So let’s begin!  Here is a sneak peek at what you might see while on your hike on the Path of the Gods.

We started in Agerola but there are many starting points.  Our ride started with a pick up from our hotel in Sorrento, then a quick stop to get the most amazing Burrata (photo via Unsplash- Marie DeHayes) ever in Bomerano then to Agerola to start our hike.


The weather definitely cooperated thankfully! Our starting point: Agerola



Our welcoming party 🙂



How will you travel?

Need a home? These hermitages cling to the hillside seemingly suspended in mid-air.




The views are so special


Looking in every direction the view unfolds with untold beauty with plunging views of the Mediterranean and the towns below

Praiano revised-1



Have no fear the trail is well marked!


People out enjoying the day


Be prepared of course as you are hiking, bring snacks and water since there are obviously no services along the way


The path is a little tricky at times but easily negotiable. The walk is moderate but the path can be narrow in spots. Do NOT step to the left! 


Just around every corner the views are expansive of the coastline here from Positano to Capri and beyond.


Finally our destination – Nocelle and then down to Positano.  You can walk down the 1500 steps but we took a ride.

There are many other paths we also did Ravello to Minori.



Stairs, stairs and more stairs! Look up the view towards Salerno was gorgeous!


Figs, olives and grapes greeted us all along the paths

You might also check out Ravello to  Atrani via the Valle del Dragone or on Capri, one of the most beautiful coastal walks in the world, the “Path of Forts”.  Get out and enjoy the views like the locals.  You won’t be disappointed! Did you miss Part 1 and 2 of this series? Here you go: The Amalfi Coast part one. ‘Positano Bites Deep” – Part two.  Ready to read Part 4: Come Fly with me to Ravello and Amalfi – here you go!

Ciao!  See you for the next in the series: Ravello and Amalfi