How do you decide on a new travel destination to put on your “I HAVE TO GO THERE” list? Is it a city, a beach, a mountain resort, a luxury accommodation? Do you want to ski, hike, cook, camp, race. sail, or spa? What are your criteria when selecting that next trip?

New Zealand Onsen Hot Pools

Queenstown, NZ Onsen Hot Pools

I love travel, exploring and learning about other traditions and cultures.  When the Italians speak about La Dolce Vita what do they mean? Well it literally translates to “The Sweet Life”.  However, it really is more than that in my opinion.


Italian Grand Prix, Monza, IT

I am in search of La Dolce Vita wherever I travel and I will bring it to you! How can you experience a location like a local? Can you feel the change in your demeanor when you first experience certain destinations? The way every day there is something interesting to see, do or experience.  The different sounds, the way people dress, live and eat. What are the customs? Are you excited by the uniqueness of it all?

When I first went to Italy I was mesmerized and almost overwhelmed by the immediate sense of belonging there.  Let me say I am not Italian at all 🙂 Not just the mind-blowing scenery and history but the feeling of being at peace, belonging. Truth be told I actually cried when I arrived in Ravello for the first time.


The Belvedere of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone, Ravello. IT

I want to find that feeling everywhere I travel and share it with you so you can decide if that is a place you would like to put on your travel bucket list.


Villa Bordoni, Greve in Chianti, IT


Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, IT

I think it is about being at peace with yourself, taking your time to savor the little moments in each day, a cup of cappuccino, a glass of wine, lingering over a meal or the views. We hurry through our vacation and forget to actually take the time to remember why we wanted to experience a location in the first place. We need to slow down and savor the moments in between.


Vail, CO

New Zealand Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, NZ


Sit back and relax! It’s no fun if you come home exhausted!

The Italians seem to understand that each experience and interaction should be lingered over. The coffee, the meal, the aperitif, the occasional meeting on the street , the sunset. You get the drift.


It’s Spritz time somewhere!

We plan and plan our vacations and often don’t leave any free time to just absorb and immerse ourselves in being in a new place whether a city an hour away from home or a new country on the other side of the world.

Nantucket Harbor Old South Wharf

Nantucket Island Old South Wharf

West Wanaka Station with plane

Mount Aspiring National Park – Wanaka NZ

It must be possible to find this in other places, at least I think so. I have dedicated my photography to capturing all of this.  The moments big and small. When we slow down, we enrich ourselves and have so much more to offer others and our world. We grow and understand and are more tolerant of our lives, families, experiences, politics etc. We are richer for the memories that change us in subtle ways which we can only begin to comprehend.


Weston VT

Come share our world with me to expand our horizons and also encourage responsible travel. Don’t even get me started on tourists who only care about a selfie in front of a famous location.  Why are you really there? What drew you to that destination?


Florence IT

I hope in the coming years to bring you destinations that expand our horizons and allow us to experience that elusive Italian feeling of La Dolce Vita even if it’s not in Italy.  What is the right path for you? Let’s figure it out.

Mount Cook

Mount Cook National Park, NZ

I’d love suggestions of your favorite destinations and why you chose them and another suggestions you might have for where I should explore! Someday is TODAY! Get out there!

Of course, by now you know I am obsessed with Italy and will never stop going back there and bringing it to you 🙂

But hey, I love Miami, Martha’s Vineyard, Colorado, Vermont, New York City, Nantucket, France, SC, Savannah, Amsterdam, Chicago, New Zealand, the Cayman Islands and on and on.  I Love Travel and there is so much more to see! Stay tuned!