Even after three trips to the Amalfi Coast I still can’t get enough.  Not sure when we will all be able to travel again so I thought I would bring you more of my Italian adventures.

You definitely can’t miss Capri!  This island is romance on steroids!!!  The views are mind boggling dramatic and the ocean is a glorious turquoise color. Capri and Ischia are the Islands to the west of Sorrento in the Tyrrhenian Sea.  You are hooked immediately upon your arrival to this busy marina and you are in love immediately.


Immediately upon arrival, grab an open air cab and head up to Monte Solaro if the weather is good as you won’t get a second chance.

Villa Jovis, one of the most magnificent of the Roman Emperor Tiberius’ island palaces is located on Capri’s second highest peak and is a great spot for hikers.  He was the first “tourist” they say who fell in love with Capri looking for a refuge from the hustle and bustle in Rome.

The island is famous for hiking and if that is not for you take the chairlift to the top of Mount Solaro and gaze down upon the towns of Capri and Anacapri and the famous Faraglioni rock formations.

Capri Monte Solaro-1

The famous Faraglioni rock formations
Faraglioni sunset-2

Mount Solaro is the highest and most panoramic location on the Island of Capri. From this vantage point you can see all the way down to the center of the town of Capri and to the town of Anacapri and all the way to the Sorrentine peninsula and the Gulf of Naples. There is a cafe up at the top and restrooms so you can rest up for the ride or hike back down. Take the time though while you are up there to really take in this magnificent coast.

Capri chairlift-1

Monte Solaro chairlift- My advice do not wear flip flops!!!!

Chair overlooking Anacapri-1

Monte Solaro Chair overlooking Anacapri

Of course you will find the most fashionable shopping square anywhere in southern Italy with high end boutiques just calling your name.

Capri Piazza-1

Stop by the Piazza for a drink to see and be seen 🙂


Sort of like Rodeo Drive!

Capri Sandals-1

Maybe get a new pair of sandals made just for you!

Get out and really walk around the streets.  The views change in every direction. Take your time. This place is very special.


Have you ever seen capers growing before?

Capri capers-1


Be sure to explore the island both by land and sea.

The Grotta Azzura- The Blue Grotto is a true adventure.  Three times I have been and the sea was too choppy for us to enter but it is supposedly absolutely breathtaking.  If it is anything like the other grottos I did see… well- you decide!  I have never seen water this color- anywhere!wordpress-28Are you convinced yet!

Views back toward Positano and the Sorrentine peninsula.


A well  deserved break at JK Place Hotel. An absolutely lovely spot to enjoy your stay on Capri.


JK Place patio (above) and pool (below)

Marina Piccola on the other side of the island


Capri Palace Hotel-1

Capri Palace

Capri Palace pool-1

Capri Palace Hotel pool

I realize while looking back on my photos and old blogs that there is so much more to write about the Amalfi Coast so I will continue to bring you more of my many trips to this fabulous coast as we go on. I can see there will have to be another blog on Capri as there is much to explore.  Also Sorrento!

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